With new summer researchers comes new publications! Our most recent paper was just published in American Journal of Physiology - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Check it out!

Cigarette smoke disrupts monolayer integrity by altering epithelial cell-cell adhesion and cortical tension

Kristine Nishida, Kieran A Brune, Nirupama Putcha, Pooja Mandke, Wanda K O'Neal, Danny Shade, Vasudha Srivastava, Menghen Wang, Hong Lam, Steven S An, M. Bradley Drummond, Nadia N Hansel, Douglas N Robinson, Venkataramana K. Sidhaye


Welcoming back someone old and someone new!

Welcome back to the lab Danny and welcome to the lab Mia!

Danny Shade will be joining the lab for his last summer. We are happy to have him back in the lab for his 5th summer. He has been working in the lab every summer since the summer before he started his undergraduate studies at Hopkins. This will be his last summer, but he will be off to great things pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech in August. 

Mia Benavidez is new to the lab and will be joining us for two months as part of a Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Intership. She's coming from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research at the lab will culminate in a poster presentation at the end of July.